New Car Scent

As we started the new car project years ago the foreground was the research and development of novel, tailored fragrance creations specifically for the car industry. The so-called "new car smell" was reinvented by us and presented as a brand new fragrance development to the public (radio, television and print media).

Our primarily mission is to improve known car care products in relation to quality and newest customer demands of application.



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Premium Leather Scent: the car scent with power!

a class apart: Car Perfume deluxe

Innovative vehicle evaporation: AromaStreamer 150

tuning for the nose: Smell Killer Ambiente

tuning for the nose: Smell Killer Noble

anti aging for your car: Cockpit- and Plastic Care

sophisticated elegance: Leather Care

Premium Car Drying Towel: CSF Delirium XF Orange Babies

the perfect formula: Cockpit- and Plastic Cleaner

smooth & effective: Leather Cleaner

professional car cleaning: CSF Cleaning Cloth

for a better view: Glass Cleaner

spray & relax - high effective Engine Cleaner

sweeps dirt from the deep: Upholstery Cleaner

New Car Scent


Our New Car Scent

Already back in 1999 our laboratory started to develop the new car scent. The challenge and the goal was to reproduce the smell of volatile organic compounds that evaporate from materials as a perfume of course without using chemicals in it. After researches and months of development we presented the reimair® NewCar new car scent in the year 2000. During this time this fragrance creation was a remarkable and highly media appreciated innovation. We have been the first manufacturer which grappled to this fragrance segment even knowing that the typical new car scent does not exist. Our goal was to create a fresh and primarily technical scent which comes to the closest possible to the idealistic smell of a new car. With our new car scent we want to offer a possibility as something different to the mostly uses apple, vanilla and peach scents in car care products. Even our new car smell is constantly being improved it can always just be produced as an average between all customer requirements and an average of the variety of car models.

Our new car scent is included in:
NewCar Smell Killer Ambiente
NewCar Soft Shampoo


Our Leather Scent

The desire remains to let the weak smelling leather smell longer and longer. In addition to that reproduced leather scent cannot smell long lasting as well. The effect is similar to personal hygiene products like perfume depending where the scent is getting sprayed on. Further the way we feel the scent is always subjective. What a customer recognizes as "real" leather scent must not necessarily like each customer. Also the leather smells in every car is different and depends on the rawhide, tanning, tanning agents, manufacturers, vehicle brand, purchase price, etc. It remains a challenge for our labratory to develop a better and better leather scent especially since many of the distinctive and characteristic ingredients of leather scent cannot be used anymore according to new EU directives in the perfume sector. However we can state that we offer the best leather scent and use this on in our products.

The following reimair® products contain leather scent:
NewCar Noble Smell Killer
NewCar Leather Cleaner
NewCar Leather Care
NewCar Cockpit- and Plastic Cleaner
NewCar Cockpit- and Plastic Care
NewCar Premium Leather Scent



What is an absorber?


How does it work?

The used smell killer OM-Ega 30* which we use in our reimair® smell killer products is a high effective absorber. The effect is not based on a short term smell covering but on a long lasting effect of bad smell elimination of the substances where negative smells occur or grains which cause the development of negative smells. The active substance OM-Ega 30 is the zinc salt of the natural caster oil plant acid. On this active substance the smell molecules are bound. Unpleasant smells are getting absorbed. The main smell causing molecules (amino nitrogen’s and sulphur hydrogen’s) which are found in the smells of nicotine, sweat, urine, spoiled fish, rotten eggs, … etc as well as mercapto-sulphur-compounds which are found in garlic, onions, faeces, … are getting eliminated and not just covered. The effect has been proofed in cooperation with well known universities. OM-EGA 30 is already been used very successful in different cosmetic products which are available in world wide retail trade. Further it is an approved ingredient of deodorants, odorants and deo-roll on.

*The exact name of the absorber has been changed in the above seen description.


Principle of the triple effect

  • Removes musty smells
  • neutralizes bad smells
  • refresh´s the air with a pleasant smell


What is new car scent and how does it arise?

Finally the new car is there and how it smells – so beautiful new and innocent. This very special smell is hard to describe and even more strange why the people like this particular strange smell. But the typical new car scent which most people love does not really exist because every type of car smells different and the association of each person is different.
The new car smell is caused by the processing of various materials (petroleum-based plastics produced, vinyl, rubber, foam, etc. in conjunction with adhesives and solvents) and is not really desired by manufacturers. Most of the materials segregate organic compounds for a certain time after production which are known as VOCs (English "volatile organic compounds"). Those smells with volatile organic and carbonaceous compounds are among the air pollutants and evaporate out of door panels, floor mats, seats, instrument panel, etc., even at normal indoor temperatures in the car very easily as a gas. This is also the reason why the vehicle manufacturers want to banish the new car smell, as we know, from the cars. Actually, all brand new cars should smell exclusively elegant like vehicles with leather interior so the request of the manufacturers.


Why is the new car smell different from car manufacturer to car maufacturer?

Each new car smell is different from car to car brand and even within a brand the smell is different depending on equipment (textile or leather, etc.). Even for this reason alone there can be “one” typical new car smell. There are about 100 car manufacturers on the world wide markets and for example just AUDI has currently 12 different types of cars.
Differences in odor of the individual brands are therefore mainly due to the materials and equipment used. Our experience we could make during the development of our reimair® NewCar new car scent is that the more exclusive the car is equipped with the more pleasant and elegant is the smell in it. Within the cheaper car brands cheaper materials and equipment are used. The result is that those low budget brands use cheap plastic parts during production and the more cheaper the plastic parts are the higher is the probability that those have a very distinctive and unpleasant odor and VOCs - including pollutants which segregate.
Of course the manufacturer do know about the importance of the smell and so they try to reduce pollutants and plasticizers in their materials.


Leather Scent

The bright leather features of the new car does not just look exclusive but smells wonderfully of genuine leather and has a particularly exquisite fragrance.
Unfortunately the elegant leather scent disappears in the new car after a short time already. Therefore you should know that the typical smell of leather arises exclusively during tanning processes and it is the result of a combination of animal skins, fats and tanning chemistry. Years ago and unfortunately only in some countries still today the vegetable tanning was the main type of tanning. Most of the chemical substances used are prohibited today due to health protection especially the nitro-musk compounds which shaped the strong smell of leather.
The kinds of leather which are used today are tanned with other less harmful materials and mostly with chrome. The result is a more or less odourless tanning of leather with a weak self smell. Further, the smell of leather does not last as along anymore as it has been years ago.


Information about the lasting of scent in our car care and cleaning products:

The new car and leather scent is just available as a perfume part in our products and can naturally do not last as long as a “wondertree” or a scent gel. Many different things influence the lasting of scent such as the seasons. Due to warm air during summer the scent lasts much longer than during the cold days in winter. If the scent shouldn´t be recognizable anymore it´s similar to cosmetic products we use for personal hygiene such as perfume and deodorants. Those have to be renewed every day as well. In cases where you think the smell is gone to quick i.e. due to air flow we suggest spraying the different products (such as the reimair® NewCar Smell Killer, reimair® NewCar Leather Premium scent or the reimair® NewCar car perfume) on textile materials, i.e. foot mats and upholstery. There the scent can solidify and the effect of smell lasts longer. Another solution would be spraying the reimair® NewCar Smell Killer, reimair® NewCar Leather Premium scent or the reimair® NewCar car perfume on an absorbent material (sponge) and placing this under the seat for example.



reimair Premium Leather Scent

reimair® NewCar PREMIUM LEATHER SCENT – the car scent with power!

For our customers who love the fresh, elegant and exclusive scent of leather we have created the reimair® NewCar PREMIUM LEATHER SCENT. A composition of exclusive leather notes with slightly woody aspects.

Only two or three sprays of reimair® NewCar PREMIUM LEATHER SCENT are enough that it smells nice, pleasant and exclusive like leather in your car. It’s suggested for cars with new but odourless leather, older cars which do not smell like leather anymore or even for cars with synthetic leather interior.

The odour intensity depends on the number of sprays you put in the car, the circulation of air, the air flow and the internal temperature.

reimair® NewCar PREMIUM LEATHER SCENT – the car scent with power!


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